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Science and Nature 

The Sonshine Ark Floresville provides a curriculum filled with Nature and Science. Educating our children about all of God's nature is part of our mission here at Sonshine Ark Floresville. Students have an outside playground with an area for sitting and watching the Wildlife we have here in the City Limits of Floresville. Students are also given fun activities to learn about God's animals and plants in the classroom curriculum.


Language Skills 

On a daily basis the Sonshine Ark sees most of our students. During the early years of a child’s life, the child learns the most. It has become our priority to make sure that all of our students are given the equal opportunity to learn language skills especially in our younger classes. Students are not only exposed to English, they are also exposed to some Spanish. 


Social Skills​

Providing a healthy social environment for our students is important to us. We find that children who grow up in healthy social environments are more likely to be successful members of the community. It is one of our top priorities to make sure that our students are given an environment where they can develop their social skills as well as communication skills. 


Games and Creative Play

Our beautiful, heavily wooded, outdoor playgrounds are equipped with a variety of multiple state-of-the-art, exciting climbing structures, swings, creature and car spring riders, balance beams, and imaginative playhouses. Each spacious playground is designed for a specific age group and utilizes age-appropriate equipment, providing a unique, protected and safe environment for the enjoyment of our students. In addition, our outdoor amphitheater offers a natural setting for theatrical performances. Outdoor play aids in the development of gross motor skills, including balance and coordination, and promotes the physical health of our children. Classes are scheduled for visits to the outdoor playgrounds every morning and afternoon.


Numbers and Reading Readiness

Here at Sonshine Ark Floresville we make sure that all of our students are able to grasp the understanding of Numbers and Reading before they graduate. It is important that all of our students start learning arithmetic and language during the early years of your child’s life. Our teachers and curriculum coordinator provide the necessary curriculum for our students to learn the skills in a timely manor. 


Extra Curricular Activities 

- Finger Play (Motor Skills)

- Dramatic Play (Imagination) 

- Creative Play 

- Creative Art 

- Music 

- Book and Story Time

- Dancing and Movement (Motor Skills) 

- Playground Time 

- Christian and Religious Instruction

- Morals and Values 

- Bible Knowledge 


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